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> EXCLUSIVE! This website is the first one to map live data from more than 100 sensors at sea (North Atlantic)

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Added value of the MeteOceanOnline sea-level pressure reconstruction (near real time, labels H+0...H-2 on the website) over GFS real-time solutions (short-term forecasts), computed as the innovation towards observations. The control solution (black) is a 4DVAR analysis (ARPEGE, delayed availability). Innovation is a skill score normalized by the signal amplitude in order to quantify a graphical skill (and not energy). This test is based on stations of the North Atlantic ocean away from the Greenland and Newfoundland neighborhoods. Quality of the MOO reconstruction depends on a total number of sensors at sea large enough. Missing real-time reconstructions were compensated on this graph by simulating offline the "real-time mode". Reconstructions on the website with labels H-3...H-9 are usually an improved reconstruction but farther from the real-time mode and not included in this graph.

NEW! 02/04/2019 Added value of MeteOceanOnline temperature reconstruction (real time) in Europe ("Europe 1" domain)

North Atlantic

SST*  Daily signal  D-1 D-2  Seasonal signal D-1 D-2

SST tendency*    Daily signal D-1 D-2  Seasonal signal D-1 D-2

Europe 1

Eastern US / SE Canada

Diagnostics are value-added products mainly based on the real-time observation data.
Data is high quality from the real-time global observation network where most of the spurious records have been filtered out.
Data density and diagnosis quality of each date increase with time due to regular updates.
*in situ data method updated 17/03/2018

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