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Added value of MeteOceanOnline sea-level pressure reconstruction (near real time) over GFS real-time solutions (short-term forecasts), computed as the innovation towards observations. Control solution is a 4DVAR analysis (ARPEGE, not real time). This test was performed between May,18 and Jul,8 at stations of the Northern Atlantic away from the Greenland and Newfoundland neighborhoods. Quality of the MOO reconstruction depends on a total number of sensors at sea large enough.

Northern Atlantic

SST*  Daily signal  D-1 D-2  Seasonal signal D-1 D-2

SST tendency*    Daily signal D-1 D-2  Seasonal signal D-1 D-2

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Eastern US / SE Canada

Diagnostics are value-added products mainly based on the real-time observation data.
Data is high quality from the real-time global observation network where most of the spurious records have been filtered out.
Data density and diagnosis quality of each date increase with time due to regular updates.
*in situ data method updated 17/03/2018

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